A Twitter Trick

A Twitter Trick To Leverage Your Blogs

Here’s a simple setting that you can make in your MySmallBizU.com face-page that allows you to quickly update twitter and any of your WordPress blogs.

If you dont’ have a MySmall Biz account you create a username and password for instant access to the coolest WEB 2.0 social networking site for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners.  Even if you don’t have your own blog yet remember that your MySmallBizU.com account includes one!

Watch the video now and learn to update your twitter account and any of your wordpress Blogs… right from MySmallBizU.com 

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How To Generate Free Easy Traffic

Running Time: 15 Minutes

I added a video a month or so ago after being exposed to a ton of Blog Spam and Article Spam. It was titled Adsense NonSense and in it I took a look at how some marketers were filling their sites with junk in order to earn Adsense revenue. Well this video is a follow up of sorts.


Because in it I start to reveal how I invested about $200 and launched 3 web sites in 24 hours that are generating traffic to my network of sites…..

… without using any of my own content!

… without adding junk to my sites!

Find out what I’m doing in this video.

Resources Mentioned:

MySmallBizUniversity: Join Now And Get Everything You Need In One Place!

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Guarantee Your Success Online With One Of These…

Running Time: 13 Minutes

Description: You can guarantee your success online when you have one of these. Without one you can do everything right and still struggle. The scarry part is that you need this in any business, in fact it’s the foundation of a well thought out business.

Once you decide on a "B.F.C." all of your marketing efforts will seem to fit into place, just like a jigsaw puzzle you’ve done a thousand times before. Watch this video to learn if your business has what it takes!

More Resources: Ad copy and web copy skills take time to develop. Often referred to as salesmanship in print, becoming a persuasion writer requires help.

MySmallBizUniversity: Join Now And Get Everything You Need In One Place!

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SMS Traffic

Texting Rules

Descriptions:  Before you go any further I want you to know what business your actually in.  What is your market theme and what niche markets have you researched?  If you can’t right down a keyword phrase or describe a market them that you want to do business in then you’re doomed to failure.

Action Item: Write down in your journal your Hub/Theme Market and as many Niche/Spoke markets that you can think of.  Do it now, we’ll need this information later.