How To Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

It’s tough when you’re just getting started. You read about the success stories. You copy articles that tell you exactly "WHAT" you should be doing to succeed on-line and yet it never seems that easy when you try to put all the pieces together.

Running Time: 18 Minutes

It’s tough when you’re just getting started. You read about the success stories. You copy articles that tell you exactly "WHAT" you should be doing to succeed on-line and yet it never seems that easy when you try to put all the pieces together.

It’s often been said that "the devil is in the details" and when it comes to web marketing that’s the truth. Succeeding on-line requires the use of an exact recipe, the right ingredients and a step by step process. Without them you’re left with that OVERWHELMED feeling that none of us like.

There is a way to stop the lost and overwhelmed feeling from stealing your dreams though. It’s called "chunking" and I’ve put this 18 minute video together so you can find out how to eliminate the stress that can overwhelm you when you’re just get started with your very own small business.

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A Simple Mistake Cost Me $1400

Duration: 15 Minutes

Description: I just made a small mistake that cost me $1358!

I just made a major mistake! A simple case of moving too fast and not testing, ruined a great offer for my subscribers and potentially cost me a recurring stream of income.

I made a special offer to my list yesterday – a special paypal subscription button that provided a 24 hour trial "Premium Membership". The trial membership gives you complete access to all 1000 training sessions and the additional member benefits.

I was in a hurry to get the offer out so I didn’t test it thoroughly. I checked to see if I could accept payment – which I could – however I didn’t test to make sure what I was delivering made it to the customer.

The end result of this poorly executed idea was cancelled trial accounts, from new customers that had a bad first time purchase experience.

Watch the video now to get the details and see how you can benefit from my mistake. HINT – there’s a giveaway!

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Hit em where they aint!

Duration: 10 Minutes

Description: It’s a big change for the kids, but I’m sure it will be a Christmas to remember! How do I know they’ll remember this holiday season?

Because as a family we are doing something completely different.

Something so different and out of the ordinary they’ll never be able to forget. In such competitive business invironments, it’s important that you learn how to become "hard to forget". "ME TOO" marketing is a sure recipe for failure. Your marketing has to make you stand apart from the crowd, so you’ll be easily recognized.

This session ties into the "Start Marketing Online Course" where I go into complete detail on how to Create Your Own Profitable Niche. Two days ago, I received an offer via email that says the key to success online is to find your market first. The article claimed that not finding your market first is the major mistake facing online marketers. While I think finding a market first is a valuable exercise, it comes with some risk.

I believe that it’s more important for the long term growth of YOUR BUSINESS to "Create a Niche" in a profitable market that you want to build a business in. If you are in dire straits, if you need money immediately, if you don’t care what business your in, if you aren’t interested in building a business that you’re passionate about then by all means "find your market first".

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Hillary Duff=Marketing Genius?

Hilary Duff Is A Marketing Genius

Duration: 12 Minutes

Description: My 9 year old daughter Kayla is driving me crazy because Hilary Duff is a Marketing Genius.

Don’t believe it? – You better!

Hilary Duff is marketing genius, or at least the handlers behind Hilary Duff are. If you are a student of "Niche Marketing" you’ll know that she is a master when it comes to the "narrow and deep" strategy. She knows exactly who here market is (7-12 year old girls and perhaps some hidden teenage boys ) and she know exactly what they want.

Young "Lizzie McGuire" is coming to my city this weekend and my Daughter Kayla’s "Duff Stuff" campaign has been in full gear.

Think about this for a minute.

  • Two sold out shows in the Corel Center ( home of the Ottawa Senators NHL team)
  • 15,000 screaming girls under the age of 12 plus 15,000 parents watching their kids scream.
  • 30,000 ticket sold for the two events. If you do the math you’ll know that’s a lot of money considering the tickets are going for $50 a seat.
  • 40 additional vendors marketing "Duff Stuff" both nights

While I admire Kayla’s persistence when it comes to marketing, I’m even more amazed at how well Hilary is packaged. She is a marketing genius. Watch this video and I’ll explain in detail how she has done something that the other POP diva’s of the day haven’t grasped yet.

The two shows are sold out – before Kayla’s marketing campaign had persuaded me to go. Now I just have to figure out how to I’m going to get out of lining up at the Zellers store ( they sell all the Duff Stuff )at 7 AM on Saturday morning for a spot to get an autograph from Hilary when she shows up a 2 PM !!!

Hilary Duff Is A Marketing Genius! Watch and learn from here.

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Increase Your Sales Conversions In 30 Seconds

How A Single Decision Can Dramatically Boost Your Online Conversions.

Duration: 12 Minutes

Description: Yes You Can Increase Your Sales With This 30 Second Fix!

This has got to be the easiest fix you can make to any sales/order page process. Watch this video and learn how your potential customer has to go through a series of decisions when they purchase from you.

What’s more important is that a single choice you make may be costing you a load of sales.

Just because you’re online, it doesn’t mean you can forget basic sales techniques. Human nature never changes when it comes to spending money.

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When To Use The Name Squeeze

When To Use The Name Squeeze Technique

Duration: 10 Minutes

Description: Have you seen this technique used on sales pages lately? Do you know what a "name squeeze" is and when it should be used?

The "name squeeze" has to be one of them most irritating byproducts of list building to be invented. Deciding when to use the technique is more importatn than how. Used at the wrong time, it’s a sure way to kill customer relationships and slow sales for any product. Watch this 10 minute whiteboard session and learn the right time to use this list building technique.

Your list may depend on it!

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Easy Ways To Ruin Your Google Rankings

Running Time: 10 Minutes

Description: Want to get a get your Google Page Rank moved to zero and quickly decrease the number of qualified visitors that visit your sites?

Then follow these easy steps. In my book "Get Ranked First On Google" I warned marketers who used the two tactics that I discuss in this video that short term gain will always result in long term pain when it comes to Google.

When you understand what Google Wants it’s easy to get the rankings and traffic that you need to increase sales. So watch this video avoide the two easy ways to get in trouble with Google. Stay out of trouble and keep your traffic

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Why You Need More Than One Web Site

Running Time: 15 Minutes

Description: Why You Need More Than One Web Site.

It’s the very first thing that I noticed about successful small business marketers – almost every single one of them had more than one web site. They were owners of multiple domains. I’m not talking about two sites or just a couple of sites. They built multiple sites into their business model. Multiple sites are integral to their entire business.


Find out in this whiteboard session.

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A Dirty Marketing Tactic

This Marketing Tactic Really Bugs Me!

Every day I get at least one email from an information marketer how uses this dishonest approach in the hope that some unsuspecting prospect will buy from them today.

Stop Using This Marketing Tactic!

Running Time: 9 Minutes

Description: I’m not kidding when I say that this marketing tactic really bugs me. I personally get 1 -3 emails a day where the marketer is attempting to use this “False Pressure” tactic to hurry a purchase.

Creating urgency, real urgency in the mind of your prospect is pure science. In this quick podcast I go over the real way to that you can benefit from understanding how and why your potential customers will buy from you.


While every seller wants to have instant sales, there is a buying process that the prospect must go through before they are convinced. Putting pressure on clients from the outside has never been the way to create that buying compulsion.

In fact it’s the fastest way to create “buyers remorse”.

What most marketers don’t realize, and many experienced marketers fail to do is utilize inside pressure. Real reasons that the prospect already has – to make a decision today.

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For Absolute Beginners – Where To Start

It’s still the number one question I get Asked!

Where do I start? What should I do? If you’be asked those questions or perhaps your just someone who isn’t a technical wiz (and doesn’t want to become) this is a great PodCast for you to listen to.

Running Time: 16 Minutes

Description: I cover two important steps for the beginner in this 15 minute PodCast. Feel free to download the file and add it to your collection. The two steps that I outline in this session are by no means the end of the process.

They’re only a tiny portion of the "Hub And Spoke" marketing system that I’ve developed for small busineses just like yours. What these steps do though is get someone who had been afraid to start – STARTED!

  • With their own web site.
  • With their own Voice.

What most beginners don’t realize, and many experienced marketers fail to do is utilize their own voice.

Start something in your own voice! It only needs to be a small effort at first, and if you take that step using your own voice and experiences you’ll also be starting a successful small business without even trying.

Listen to the PodCast. Get Started Today.

Resources Mentioned:

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Should You Buy Or Rent Information

Running Time: 12 Minutes

Description: Have you ever thought about using information instead of buying information? You should it can save you a ton of money.

Whether it’s a lease, rent to own or a straightforward purchase, one thing is for certain – INFORMATION IS MEANT TO BE CONSUMED – not hoarded!

Think about the last information purchase that you made. I’m betting that you paid to own the information. You bought the physical book. You downloaded the ebook and then printed it out. You waited for the DVD or CD package to arrive at your door.

Then you read, watched or listened to the information…. once, maybe twice, and then you put that physical product that you paid full price for on a shelf for use sometime in the future.

Most people don’t even consume the entire bundle of information that they’ve purchased, they just consume the parts they need.

When they need it!

The customer is always right. As a business owner you have to decide how you are going to distribute the information you have in a way that they want to consume it. For instance:

It’s the same information – just presented in three different ways to meet the needs of the customer consuming the information.

Watch this video, it’s important. You may want to rethink the way you consume information. I’ll give you a quick hint, you save a bundle when you rent!

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Do The Right Thing

Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Shoud 

Duration: 14 Minutes

Format: Whiteboard and Audio

Description: Are you just getting started online and think you’ve found a great way to get started with a Drop Shipper? Perhaps you’ve already paid for a site complete with a shopping cart fully stocked with thousands of items and are wondering why you can sell anything.

These are real issues for online marketers who get caught in the "Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should" trap.

Take a look at this simple checklist and find out if your online business is at risk for the lots of expensive traffic and no sales doldrums.

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2-Step Marketing Basics

Is 2-Step Marketing Dead?

Description: Is 2-Step Marketing Dead? Watch this video and learn how you might be selling your web site, your business and your career short by clinging to the idea that Web Marketing is all about 2-Step Marketing.

Finding and converting traffic into sales is supposed to be easy if you follow the time tested 2-step marketing approach – Right!. Then why is it that most marketers still struggle or have abandoned the approach altogether. (You can see blatant examples every day in your inbox when you’ve recieved an email from someone you don’t know asking you to buy something)

You know what I’m talking about. That’s 1-Step marketing at it’s worst. The marketer isn’t marketing, they’re playing the numbers game thinking that if they ask enough people to buy, a certain percentage will.If you are familiar with Direct Marketing techniques, you’ve been schooled on the process of getting the “shy yes”. This approach requires that you require the prospective customer to respond to you BEFORE you make an offer to them.

Today with so much online marketing communication its’ not enough to get a single response from your prospective customers.

This video shows you how I’ve approached a Continuous Step marketing approach to my business.

Perhaps you should too.

Duration: 11 Minutes

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The Key To Consistent Traffic

The Key To Consistent Traffic!

Running Time: 15 Minutes

Do you want fool-proof consistent traffic? You should. The best part is that CONSISTENT traffic is easier to come by than you think. I’m talking about targeted traffic, repeat traffic, referred traffic. The traffic that money can’t buy.

This is a special whiteboard training session that you shouldn’t miss.

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