Keyword “Sweet Spots”

Hitting the "Keyword Sweetspot" is the single most important part of marketing online. Get this part right and you’ll be well on your way to a successful online business.

Running Time: 11 Minutes

Description: Picking the right keywords, keyword phrases and keyword themes is the toughest part of getting started online. Get them right – and markets develop like magic right before your eyes.

If you don’t make the effort or skip through this part of your business planning then…..

  • No Sales
  • No Traffic
  • Lots of Frustration!

Take the time to do this right. Watch the video and I’ll introduce you to "Keyword Overlap" and how you can use it in your business.

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How Average People Succeed Online

Running Time: 8 Minutes

Description: Did you know that it’s better to be average when it comes to marketing your business online? I’m not talking about niche marketing or becoming a subject matter expert.

I’m talking about marketing your business online!

Listen in as I explain how two different approaches to the same outcome can have dramatically different results. It pays to be average! Find out why in this PodCast.

Listen right to the end as I give you a simple exercise that might just make the difference in you online business.

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Don’t Make These Stupid Marketing Mistakes

I’ve rarely seen so many marketing mistakes in one single marketing campaign

Running Time: 10 Minutes

Description: You”re not going to believe how stupid a big company marketing department can get until you listen to today’s PodCast. This is an aboslutely true example of how two Brand Name offline companies can screw up some internet marketing tactics that online businesses usually take for granted.

Here’s What’s Covered:

  1. A Joint Venture JV
  2. A List Building Example
  3. An Integrated Marketing Attempt

Listen in as I explain how two company’s force their respective customers to jump through hoops in what may be the worst joint venture attempt I’ve seen in some time.

There are pleny of lessons for the small business owner to learn in this example. Simple lessons that can make the difference on how successful your business is at selling online.

Learn the right way to form Joint Ventures and Build Your Email List!


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Adsense Nonsense

If you’re thinking about building an ENTIRE business around Google Adsense revenue….. You’ll want to watch this video.

Running Time: 21 Minutes

Description: How can I start an Adsense business? I get asked this question on a daily basis. Adsense can and should be an important part of any online business, but……

Watch the video and I’ll introduce you to the proper use of Adsense in your business.

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