How To Create Whiteboad Videos

Running Time: 13 Minutes

Description: I’ve been asked on numerous occasions how I manage to create so many videos. I’ve done over 1500 in the last 5 years! I’ve created so many videos that I even created 52 products in 52 days.

From start to finish this video took about 30 minutes. It sometimes takes me longer to write this little description than it does to capture and encode the video.

Most videos take a lot longer to produce… and require your precious time and money to get done. My system is quick, effective and most importantly – inexpensive.

For training purposes the whiteboard can’t be beat and that’s why I’ve done so many of them. Watch this training session then and you’ll learn how easy it is to get started, I’ve included the resources I use below and will answer any of your questions in the forum.

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The Internet Marketing Mindset That Guarantees Online Success

What characteristic do you think is most important to your success online?

After 20 years of marketing experience, (10 of those online) I’ve been convinced of only a handful of “truths”. This video will introduce you to one of them.

Running Time: 18 Minutes

All of the best marketers I’ve met possessed this personal characteristic. When you combine it with personal persistence
and emotional involvement with what you do online you’ve got a sure winner.

Take advantage of this video. I’ve included a couple of quick questions for you at the end. Answer them honestly and benefit
from knowing that you’ll always be moving in the right direction.

Watch This Video and Plan to Win!

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