The Biggest Mistake You’ll Make This Year

Running Time: 14 Minutes

Description: With the help of two recognized experts (read Internet Marketing Guru) the brothers invested $30,000 over a 7 day period for a complete makeover of their existing business. The experts had a long and successful track record.

After the work was done the Customers and Suppliers loved the new look. There was no denying the buzz and excitement that surrounded the fresh start that they had been given.

While the business was poised for new found success there was something missing….

You’ll never guess what happened to the two brothers in less than 30 days from the re-launch of the business they had built for over 30 years….

What I’m about to share with you is absolutely true! This isn’t made up. It’s not something from my imagination used to get you to fooled into thinking that you’re going to have to buy something from me today!

This internet marketing video reveals a mistake that you will make in the coming year. How do I know you’ll make the mistake? Watch the video and you’ll know how.

With all the great internet marketing strategies available you’d think that it would be easy to succeed online. Starting, building and growing an internet business should happen naturally, the outcome of your passion and a little persistence.

But it doesn’t!

There are two sides to a successful internet marketing business, the inside and the outside. Getting the outside right and not paying attention to the inside is a recipe for disaster.

Take the time to view this Internet Marketing Video. Learn from the the two bothers and apply their lesson to your Internet Marketing business.

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Affiliate Math – Learning About Leverage

Stuck With No List – No Product and No Idea What To Do?

Then this is the video for you.

Running Time: 22 Minutes

Description: I’m answering a common question today. How can I possibly get started when I have 2 people on my email list, no traffic and no product…. Here’s my answer!

This video gives you the exact steps you can use to start building revenue, your list AND the joint venture partners that can form the foundation of a successful online business. I’ve included these steps so anyone starting out can use them to at least get started.

Once you understand "Affiliate Math" you’ll learn the power of leverage.

This is a special video becuase I’ve included a secret at the end for non members. Make sure to watch it to the end if you are not yet a member of the site.

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Hub And Spoke Marketing Revealed

I’ve never revealed this strategy before. Today I’m going to introduce you to the key to a successful internet business. It’s counter-intuitive! Definetly not what you’ve been told and certainly an Internet Marketing Secret That My Mom Never Told Me!

Running Time: 15 Minutes

Description: I’ve never revealed this strategy before. Today I’m going to introduce you to the key to a successful internet business. It’s counter-intuitive! Definetly not what you’ve been told and certainly an Internet Marketing Secret That My Mom Never Told Me!

Ever ridden a bike before? Remember how wobbly you were when you first started out?

Building an online business and Internet Marketing takes some initial effort. It’s all about moving forward and strengthening each of your efforts with continued effort.

Think of this video as training wheels. The “Hub and Spoke” marketing method acts as a built in support for getting started. The kind of support that’s there only when you need it and easy to remove when you’ve got things under control.

This is a special video. Make sure to watch it twice and then decide how to best apply it to your business.

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Quit Trying To Please Everyone!

Description: Yes you read the title of this rant correctly.

Does enough of your market hate what you have say? Personal rejection is a big problem for many small business owners, coaches, consultants and speakers.


Because they end up trying to please everyone! The goal of you marketing should be to “polarize” your market. Most small business owners are afraid to sell, yet your sales are directly tied to how you handle personal rejection. Listen in to todays session as I explain.


There’s more Face To Face Selling skills video training in the MySmallBiz University Campus or if you are in a hurry download the Face To Face Selling PDF workbook.


Are Big Physical Home Study Kits Dead?

Description: Hopefully you’ll take this 10 minute audio seriously. I like looking for trends in business. Not to create them but rather profit from them. And that’s what got me started thinking today about the "thud factor".

Often referred to as the back end product this big physical high profit, high price tag package of information is the holy Grail for Internet marketers. Often these heavy home study kits are created by kludging all your other products together or creating a physical copy of a past event like a seminar, with transcriptions of the event and DVD’s of the edited footage.

Many old school marketers swear by the big physical home study package – I think they are dead! Listen in as I explain how my record collection lead me to this conclusion.

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Stupid Membership Ideas

Description: This has got to be the worst idea for membership site owners!

I got a lot of feedback from my first rant about membership sites – and the crappy membership sites that are heading our way. How do I know they’re coming?

I got an offer today that confirms my suspicions. The business model being touted in the offer is of course….

The way to succeed online is "Multiple Membership Sites"

Yeah sure! Of course if you buy the software that they are selling in order to run them. 🙂

Listen in as I explain the Hub and Spoke Marketing approach to Membership sites in today’s quick session.

Resources: Joomla Membership Sites

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