Don’t Count On Search Engine Traffic

Running Time: 12 Minutes

Description: Are you wasting your time trying to get search engine traffic? Even though I "wrote the book on Getting Ranked First On Google" it might not be such a great idea building your business by relying on search engine traffic.

Find out if search engine optimization is the right strategy for you in this 12 minute whiteboard training session.

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Kids Can Teach You Marketing

Duration: 15 Minutes

Description: I got couple of the email again today…. They all start off about the same; In most cases the writer tells me they’ve listened to this program, read that ebook, attended all the best seminars….and are still struggling when it comes to building their small business online.

As much as I’d like to help everyone that writes I can’t.

But I bet my kids could! Click the "roll video" link and watch what an 8 year old and 11 year old can accomplish in a short period of time with some simple ideas.

Yes I’m a proud parent, but watching these kids has reminded me that the most important part of building an internet business isn’t the trick of the month… Following some simple rules, tenents that govern your daily activity will always get you what you want in the long term.

It did for my kids and it will for you. Watch and learn.

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Run Away From These Products

Description: The first four days have been brutal! I’ve been slammed by marketing pitches for information products in the first couple of days of the year, almost as many as the entire month of December.

  • Products
  • Services
  • Tactics
  • Membership Sites
  • Adsense Templates
  • Private Label Rights
  • Resell Rights
  • Merchant Accounts
  • Teleclasses
  • Webinars
  • Blogs

You name it, I’ve been pitched this week. Everyone with a promise of easy riches and quick success.

Here’s my recomendation, run away from these products as fast as you can… unless they meet the criteria I give you in today’s audio rant.

There is one thing that I haven’t been pitched on, no one took the time to find out if I had a working Business Model.

Do you?

Is your business working? Is there a system or model in place that creates predictable results. One that would allow you to know how much money you’ll earn this year – before the year really starts!

If you have a working business model you don’t have to worry about this upcoming years revenues, you should already have a good idea of what will happen to your business revenues and personal income.

Sure they’ll be glitches and hiccups, stuff changes. But a proven business model takes the guess work out of what you have to do when you’re working ON your business this upcoming year.

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Avoidable Mistakes

Should You Still Publish An Ezine?

Description: The ezine and newsletter are at the end of their life cycle. They are a dying breed. It’s end of the road time for marketers who rely on this old and unreliable form of marketing.

Don’t believe me?

Then watch this video and I’ll explain why a newsletter or ezine just isn’t enough for a small business that is marketing online.

In fact there is a new kid in town that is replacing newsletters and ezines at an alarming rate and it’s only going to get faster. Decide now if you want to die with ezines or grow with the next trend in list building and customer creation.

Duration: 24 Minutes

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Dancing With The Stars TV Show Teaches Valuable Marketing Lesson

Have you been watching the TV Show "Dancing With The Stars"? If you have had your head in the sand or under a rock and don’t now about this wildly popular TV show that pairs an expert dancer with a celebrity in a multi week, multi dance competition you should watch.

The dancing is fun to watch – "Jerry Springer is a contestant" – AND you can learn valuable marketing lessons. Watch this Web Marketing TV video that reveals a idea so important to the success of your business we often miss it. It’s a simple lesson that produces immediate results for your business.

Running Time: 14 Minutes

Description: It’s about the audience! In the TV show the competitors have 2 audiences that they have to please.

How many audiences are you trying to please in your business? Make this simple principal the foundation of everything that you do in your business and you will always sell more faster.

Watch the marketing video and then apply it today. Focus your efforts and keep your business on the right track.

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Are You Having An Entrepreneurial Seizure

Most Entrepreneurs Aren’t!

Go buy a copy of the Michael Gerber’s E-Myth – quick. There are a number of coaches selling multi thousand dollar coaching programs that are simply following the ideas found in this great book. I even watched a video where the speaker used the same stories and examples used in the book!

You don’t have to spend 5K to find out how to work "ON" your business instead of "IN" your business. Spend $15 and buy the book.

Last year I had the pleasure of talking to Michael Gerber for almost an hour – (the interview is available in this site if you have paid). His thinking has greatly influenced my business so I’d like to share a bit of his material today.

Why? Because I’m betting your having an entrepreneurial seizure. If you don’t know what I’m talking about listen to this 8 minute audio.

Duration: 8 Minutes

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ADS-01 How To Create A Money Spoke In 3 Minutes

Create an Adsense Money Spoke In Under 3 Minutes

You've heard the buzz….

You've seen the numbers….

Now you want the chance to cash in and start generating automated income from simple web sites.  Well today is you chance.  I'm going to show you exactly how to setup a "Money Spoke' in only a couple of minutes.

This is the first video in a 15 video course that reveals a single "Money Spoke" technique that anyone can use to generate automated streams of online income.


: Screen Capture and Audio Session

Duration: 9 Minute Video Screen Capture

Description: MySmallBiz Uiniversity Members Who Have Unlocked the Videos get free webhosting includes support for Unlimted domains.  This means that from your Web Hosting Control Panel you can add on as many Money Spokes as you need.  The hosting control panel also includes free scripts including automatic WordPress Blog Installs.

So whatch this first  video as I walk you through the creation of a brand new Money Spoke.  This is the first video in a series of tutorials that go through the propers use of Blogs and Adsense. 

If you want to see the site in progress visit 


Learn Why A Big Email List Isn’t Always A Benefit

Make Sure Your Email List Is Clean

Description: Before you go any further I want you to know what business your actually in. What is your market theme and what niche markets have you researched? If you can’t right down a keyword phrase or describe a market them that you want to do business in then you’re doomed to failure.

Action Item: Write down in your journal your Hub/Theme Market and as many Niche/Spoke markets that you can think of. Do it now, we’ll need this information later.

Internet Marketing Video: Click Here To Watch Video

Duration: 5 Minutes

How To Use The KISS Rule In Marketing

Running Time: 15 Minutes

Description: Have you ever heard of the K.I.S.S. Rule?

Did you know that it applies to online Marketing? You’ll know why after you watch this video. It’s a whiteboard and audio session that covers some important points for any online marketer.

If you are just getting started and often find yourself confused by all the different choices and courses available to you this session will seem like a breath of fresh air. I’m talking about Hub and Spoke Marketing in the video and most importantly how this complete system creates real long term businesses.

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A Twitter Trick

A Twitter Trick To Leverage Your Blogs

Here’s a simple setting that you can make in your face-page that allows you to quickly update twitter and any of your WordPress blogs.

If you dont’ have a MySmall Biz account you create a username and password for instant access to the coolest WEB 2.0 social networking site for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners.  Even if you don’t have your own blog yet remember that your account includes one!

Watch the video now and learn to update your twitter account and any of your wordpress Blogs… right from 

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How To Generate Free Easy Traffic

Running Time: 15 Minutes

I added a video a month or so ago after being exposed to a ton of Blog Spam and Article Spam. It was titled Adsense NonSense and in it I took a look at how some marketers were filling their sites with junk in order to earn Adsense revenue. Well this video is a follow up of sorts.


Because in it I start to reveal how I invested about $200 and launched 3 web sites in 24 hours that are generating traffic to my network of sites…..

… without using any of my own content!

… without adding junk to my sites!

Find out what I’m doing in this video.

Resources Mentioned:

MySmallBizUniversity: Join Now And Get Everything You Need In One Place!

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Guarantee Your Success Online With One Of These…

Running Time: 13 Minutes

Description: You can guarantee your success online when you have one of these. Without one you can do everything right and still struggle. The scarry part is that you need this in any business, in fact it’s the foundation of a well thought out business.

Once you decide on a "B.F.C." all of your marketing efforts will seem to fit into place, just like a jigsaw puzzle you’ve done a thousand times before. Watch this video to learn if your business has what it takes!

More Resources: Ad copy and web copy skills take time to develop. Often referred to as salesmanship in print, becoming a persuasion writer requires help.

MySmallBizUniversity: Join Now And Get Everything You Need In One Place!

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SMS Traffic

Texting Rules

Descriptions:  Before you go any further I want you to know what business your actually in.  What is your market theme and what niche markets have you researched?  If you can’t right down a keyword phrase or describe a market them that you want to do business in then you’re doomed to failure.

Action Item: Write down in your journal your Hub/Theme Market and as many Niche/Spoke markets that you can think of.  Do it now, we’ll need this information later.

Are You Working In or On Your Business

Are you working in or on your business? Decide now or suffer the consequences.

Duration: 20 Minutes

Description: I’ve got a real confession to make. I haven’t been running my business as well as I should have been. In fact over the last 2 years I’ve made a number of business mistakes.

Even some that could have proven fatal to my business.

That’s why the last month has been so challenging for me as I make the transition from Internet Marketer to Small Business Owner.

If you want to avoid the mistakes I’ve made over the past two years take a look at this short tutorial.

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Start The Right Way

Start Every Marketing Season With These Simple Steps

Running Time: 20 Minutes

Description: It’s a week after New Year – broken any resolutions yet?

I put this video together for a couple of reasons. After 22 years in business I’ve found this time of year kinda funny. So many good intentions – so many broken promises.

I’d like to share one question that has saved me from making the fatal mistake that most "Goal Setters" make. It’s a simple question that sets you apart from those with good intentions.

It’s all about "Your Results".

Watch the video and apply this one idea for a week or two. See how easy it is to make a real change in your behaviours. More importantly see how your business, your income, your free time, your RESULTS improve.

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