Frustrated By WordPress

Blogging With WordPress Isn’t Easy For Everyone!

It used to be fun Blogging… now it’s a _______________ (add whatever word suits you)

What started out as an fun and easy way to share your talents and experiences and get paid for your efforts is a big waste of time for many of you reading this.

Too much technology to understand and too much “me too” competition make traditional WordPress Blogging a no-go for the speakers, coaches, consultants and subject matter experts that I talk to on a daily basis.

Sure it was fun in the early days – my first blog was in early 2000 :-), but today a Blog or WordPress Membership site is a major ordeal for anyone who isn’t technically savvy and just wants to share their expertise in a meaningful way online.

A major shift is coming…

Teaching experts like you how to use the technology isn’t an option anymore!

Who has the time? What’s needed is a simple way to just “add course content” and have an online learning campus available for your clients who just
want to learn how and what you teach.

… and that’s why I’m looking for a couple of experts who want to sell courses online, without the technical headaches.

I’m looking for a couple more experts who want to sell their courses online in our FullContact Campus.

==> Just Add Your Course Content

The site is almost ready, but you can find out what it’s about and how you can be selling your courses online in about 15 Minutes.

Use the “Get Help” button on the bottom of the page and setup a time to talk or if you like what you see and want to get started use the coupon


during the checkout to get 51% off the price of your own FullContact Campus. The coupon will only work 5 times before it expires so waiting isn’t a
good option if you want to an quick way to sell your courses online.