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As a CampusWP client you have access to a variety of support options. Getting started is easy, pick from any of the following:

Free Support

Set-Up & Training Tutorials

“CampusWP Courses Campus”
Your membership includes instant access to our complete library of courses a  These courses includes the Freshman 30 Day Quick Start course that guides you through the 7 Key Steps to Selling Your Courses Online.  You’ll learn exactly how to create your courses, distribute your courses and sell your courses to build your business fast

With over 62 Courses in our Library you have access to everything you need to Start, Build and Grow!

Searchable FAQ’s

Search through our online knowledgebase of questions other members have asked to quickly get the answer you seek.

Submit a Helpdesk Ticket

Each member has direct access to the Online Help Desk to submit inquiries and questions.  This includes WordPress, Hosting, Courses, and Course Marketing related questions.   Our support staff is available 24/7 to work directly with you to provide the information you need.

Campus Radio

Listen live to the CampusWP Radio Show,  It’s jam packed with great information including interviews with experts.  Streaming live 24/7 right to your desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Campus Freshmen

Use the Campus Freshmen Guide Online to create your first course.

Private Forum

As a member you have access to other Campus Owners.  Get together, talk about how you Campus and learn from other owners about what’s working for them.

Live Support

CampusWP TV

Join us each Wednesday @ 9 PM Eastern for a live webinar on various Campus features. Get direct answers to your questions.

Live Coaching

CampusWP Blueprint Certification

Join other like-minded owners for training calls on business strategies, systems and best-practices to integrate into your business.

Do the work, hand in your assignments – Get Certified.  This course and sessions are lead by founder James Maduk as he shares his 18 years of experience selling courses online.

Private Coaching with James

Work directly with Melinda Cohan to get fierce and personalized coaching on integrating specific business strategies using your Coaches Console features.