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Find Out How Any Author, Coach,Speaker, Trainer or Expert Can Deliver and Sell Courses Online In Less Than a Day ...

Even if they're pressed for time, hate technology, and have no idea how to create an online course.

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Pressed For Time?

Don't Worry - We'll Even Add Your Existing Course (or Create A Course From Your Existing Content) To Your WordPress Campus Where You can...


[one_third_first]Add Unlimited CoursesAdd Unlimited Courses

Create unlimited courses lessons and lesson topics with any WordPress media type for your training. No software or setup required,[/one_third_first]
[one_third]Enjoy Hassle Free TechnologyEnjoy Hassle Free Technology

Your WordPress Blog and Campus Will Be Managed by WPBlogSupport so you never have to Worry about taking care of your WordPress Site again.[/one_third]
[one_third_last]Sell Courses & MembershipsSell Courses & Memberships

Selling your courses or creating recurring revenues from your courses has never been easier! All you need to get started is a standard PayPal account.[/one_third_last]

[one_third_first]Drip Lessons and CoursesDrip Lessons and Courses

Sequentially deliver the lessons to your users on a pre-set schedule. This is true set and forget drip-feeding, and extremely easy to setup.

[one_third]Assignments & Pre-reqsAssignments & Pre-reqs

Let users visually track their progress using the progress bar or their profile. Easily set lesson assignements and course pre-requisites.

[one_third_last]Quiz & Certify StudentsQuiz & Certify Students

Insert quiz questions at any point in your course using the built in quiz formats and badge OS recognition system.


[one_third_first]Detailed Student ReportingDetailed Student Reporting

Detailed Student Reporting and notifications are always available using the automated built in e-mail feature.

[one_third]Assign Leaders & GroupsAssign Leaders & Groups

Easily put your users into their own groups and assign the group leader to organize and monitor student by class or department.

[one_third_last]Use Any Lesson Media TypesUse Any Lesson Media Types

Upload videos or e-learning files to supplement your course material. Only registered users can view them.


[one_third_first]Time Courses and LessonsTime Courses and Lessons

Set a timer for your lessons and users can’t mark it complete until the timer reaches zero.

[one_third]Integrated Course DiscussionIntegrated Course Discussion

Forums and Social Interaction Are Integrated Into Your Campus. Members learn more - fast with your online discussions and social profiles.

[one_third_last]Encourage Blended LearningEncourage Blended Learning

Enhance Your Students Learning with Live Webinars. Use the live class calendar to organize and promote your live training events.


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All Your Campus Needs is YOUR Content!

Give us 15 Minutes and We'll Have Your WordPress Powered Learning Management System Up and Ready To Sell - We'll Even Add Upload Your Course


Your Campus is Waiting

Relax While We Take Care of the Techy Stuff - Your WordPress/LearnDash Powered Campus Will Be Ready in About 15 Minutes


We Add Your Course

Create A Great Name for Each Course, Add Your Lessons Topics Then Set Your Price[/one_third][one_third_last]icon3

We Train You to Promote

Follow our FullContact Blueprint and Start Selling Your Courses. No additional Fees - you keep 100% of course revenue.



eLearning with WordPress and LearnDash

Your Campus is Powered By WordPress and LearnDash, a fully featured-packed LMS that makes it easy to create and sell courses, set-up quizzes, automatically award certificates, and download user reports.

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[thrive_testimonial name="Albert Einstein" company="" image=""]The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.[/thrive_testimonial]
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Create Unlimited Interactive Online Courses

Build step-by-step courses with unlimited lessons and lesson topics complete with your course materials like video, audio, readings, projects, assignments and quizzes. Student can learn on anytime on their Phone, Tablet or desktop.

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[thrive_testimonial name="Elon Musk" company="" image=""]Any product that needs a manual to work is broken.[/thrive_testimonial]
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Market Your Courses and Get Paid!

OK you've created your course now what? CampusWP Experts are here to help you Market Your Courses, follow our Step-by-Step Marketing Blueprint to get students to register for your courses.

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Where is My Campus Hosted?

Do You Provide The WordPress Hosting?

Your Site will be hosted with our Managed WordPress Hosting Company “WPOnlyHost” We only Host and Manage WordPress Sites on high-end dedicated servers so you don’t have to get stressed out about downtime or outages. Every Site gets all 12 Managed WordPress services like: security scanning, automatic software and plugin updates, daily off-site backups and malicious file removal. This is the same service that the “do-it-yourself” types get when they host their WordPress Sites with us!

Can The Two Sites be Integrated?

We can help you with that, in fact that’s part of the setup process, setting up your Campus Domain and linking it to any existing sites/sites you have. When you order we’ll get all the answers we need to get your Campus integrated with any existing sites you have.

Can I Keep My Existing WordPress Blog?

Sure, if you already have marketing site that’s fine, keep it the way it is and use your Campus to compliment your existing online marketing. It’s ready to start selling your courses, just add your content and keep the marketing on your existing site.

Do I Get Access To A Standard Hosting Control Panel?


What Happens After I Order?

How Do I Promote My Course After It's Added?

We Make WordPress and Selling Online Courses Easy – Nothing Beats Experience! Our CEO James Maduk wrote the book literally when it comes to Blogging way back in 2001 before WordPress existed. He’s an online veteran Author, Speaker and Training who’s personally created 62 Courses and over 1000 Online Video Tutorials! All that experience is available to you in our Courses, Webinars and Support Calls.

I'm an advanced user can I change my site the way I want?

Sure! Add additional WordPress plugins and themes. Better yet supplement your Course Sales with traditional Blogging activities. Post as often as you want, include advertisements and affiliate links, create a monthly podcast and build your email list with Landing Pages. If all those word are too advanced for you don’t worry, that’s what we teach in our Blueprint course. (WPGrow.com)

How Can I Get Free Traffic From Google?

Every Campus is SEO Optimized. Manage, Test and Optimize each post. Use the SEO Optimization features to automatically create sitemaps, SEO friendly page URL’s and links. Your content including pictures and links will all have the right keywords focused on your market and posted so Google and the other Search Engines love your site.

Can I Get Help with My Online Courses?

How Do I Know How Much Traffic I'm Getting To My Site?

If you already have a free Google Analytic s account you can add your site or even use our Free Tracking and analytic service, that displays all your traffic and results live and in realtime right within your WordPress Admin.

How Will My Campus Build My List?

Again we’ve got you covered. We’ve included a built in PopUp Window that captures emails for you. You can use our Autoresponder service FullContact Email or if you have an existing email marketing service just add your code the PopUp

Can You Include The Social Media Links?

Your Campus has built in links to all the major Social Media networks like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ Pinterest and LinkedIN. Add your additional sites with your own links and plugins.

How Do I Sell My Courses?

Can I Charge A Monthly Subscription For Access To My Course or Courses?

Yes it’s built in. Plus you can set various levels that “Drip” courses, lesson and lesson topics on a monthly basis for your subscribers.

What Do I Need To Take Payments Online?

The bare minium to get started is the Standard “PayPal” account. Out of the Box 2Checkout will also work and a ton of other popular payment gateways are available depending on the way you want to charge for memberships. Let us know what payment gateways you are currently using when you sign up and we can confirm that we’ll be able to integrate one of the non-standard payment methods.

How Much Does My Campus Cost?

Our Pricing and Plans are available on the Pricing Page. Click Here