15 Minute Online Business

15 Minute Business Startup!

Description: Many small business owners still struggle with what should be the easiest part of starting an online business.

How Do I Get Started Online?

If you’ve asked this question your going to love this video. Follow along as we register a domain name for a web site, setup the hosting account and email addresses, setup a blog, and start posting… in about 20 minutes start to finish.  These steps are the exact same steps beginners are directed to taken when they follow the MySmallBiz 7 day start up manual.

At this point you don’t need a product… you don’t have to have picked a niche…. you just want to get things going.

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Adsense Nonsense

If you’re thinking about building an ENTIRE business around Google Adsense revenue….. You’ll want to watch this video.

Running Time: 21 Minutes

Description: How can I start an Adsense business? I get asked this question on a daily basis. Adsense can and should be an important part of any online business, but……

Watch the video and I’ll introduce you to the proper use of Adsense in your business.

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ADS-01 How To Create A Money Spoke In 3 Minutes

Create an Adsense Money Spoke In Under 3 Minutes

You've heard the buzz….

You've seen the numbers….

Now you want the chance to cash in and start generating automated income from simple web sites.  Well today is you chance.  I'm going to show you exactly how to setup a "Money Spoke' in only a couple of minutes.

This is the first video in a 15 video course that reveals a single "Money Spoke" technique that anyone can use to generate automated streams of online income.


: Screen Capture and Audio Session

Duration: 9 Minute Video Screen Capture

Description: MySmallBiz Uiniversity Members Who Have Unlocked the Videos get free webhosting includes support for Unlimted domains.  This means that from your Web Hosting Control Panel you can add on as many Money Spokes as you need.  The hosting control panel also includes free scripts including automatic WordPress Blog Installs.

So whatch this first  video as I walk you through the creation of a brand new Money Spoke.  This is the first video in a series of tutorials that go through the propers use of Blogs and Adsense. 

If you want to see the site in progress visit http://www.learnmagictricksonline.com